V E L V E T    S U N


Velvet Sun is an ongoing project by singer/songwriter/guitarist Scott Weinkle. The new CD, Dreamhome, mixes eerie atmospheres, sonic distortion and pop songwriting in a curious mix of early British invasion pop, American rock and New York noise.

Weinkle, who wrote and performed much of the music on the CD, reveals some of his influences directly in a version of Siouxsie and the Banshees Mirage while the underlying psychedelic mood is more personal.  Velvet Sun downshifts from the incessant power of rock holding it in reserve, unleashing it to knock the cobwebs from the somnambulist dream.  Velvet Sun is named in deference to Quiet Sun, the 70s English art rock band of which Brian Eno and Phil Manzanera were members, partly for its floating feeling and for the vision in Manzanera's elegant and trippy lead guitar on Mummy was an Asteroid….  While Cloud 99 is all New York industrial noise and delirium, Gloria S. evokes classic 60's Brit pop like Herman's Hermit's No Milk Today and Silhouttes, but with a underlying sinister quality.

Weinkle was joined by drummer Tony Mann, bassist Dennis Ambrose and guitarist Kelsey Warren on the songs Atmosphere and Gloria S. This foursome makes up the live band which has been playing in New York City.  The band was formed after a surpise invitiation to the 1999 Independent Music Festival based on the CD.